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Welcome to Ultra Low Sodium

A site for anyone needing support or resources to help with living on an ultra low sodium diet.

My name is Ryan and I am a stay-at-home Dad. Along with the usual parenting stuff, I support my son who is on a 300mg of sodium per day diet. It is challenging but its do-able. You should also know that I eat what he eats. That's right. I have transitioned from a 2500mg or more per day diet to about 500mg per day. Why? The answer is simple - to support my son. By doing so, I fully appreciate the flavors of the foods he is getting and seek to improve his dietary experience.....and mine. You can enjoy great foods on an ultra low sodium diet. Foods like pork sausage, bbq sauce, croissants, rustic breads, pizza, burritos, desserts and even bacon. Now, having said that, all of these foods I make at home in a tiny kitchen. Point being, it's do-able. 

The purpose of this site is to share what I've learned and a place to store ULS recipes for generations.  

Welcome to the Ultra Low Sodium site.

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