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Flour Tortillas, burrito size!

This one challenged me for months. I followed recipes but they didn't turn out well. The flour tortilla should be easy, right? but i continued to get poor results.

This is what I was going for: a thin, flexible and remains flexible, freezable and unfreezes well and has just little 'stretch' in it. Too much to ask? I don't think so. Here it is.......Flour Tortilla with a Whole Wheat option. I prefer the whole wheat option. These tortillas are great for burritos and wraps!. Don't forget about the wraps.

You really need a rolling pin or stick, a kitchen scale for this one and an infrared thermometer (amazon $15). I recommend owning the scale and thermometer for breads, tortillas, pizzas etc. The scale is a critical tool for me plus, it makes clean up measuring cups or spoons to wash.

Flour Tortilla

Makes 7 tortillas -

225 grams All Purpose Flour (For Whole Wheat, substitute with 135 grams whole wheat + 95 grams all purpose)

225 grams Bread Flour (extra gluten, for that stretch. Can use all-purpose though)

7 grams (1.5tsp) Potassium Baking Powder (Haines Featherweight stuff).

5 grams (1tsp) Potassium Salt (NuSalt*, or NoSalt* )

Oil - 110 grams

1 cup room temp water

1 gallon size plastic bag or some container to put the cooked tortillas in that has a lid.

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl. Then add the 110 grams. Use you hands and mix the oil into the dry ingredients by pinching the dry and oil together. Mix thoroughly. Then add 1 cup water.

Mix into a ball. Find a place to knead the dough on your counter by hand. Let the workout's not too bad, knead for 5-6 minutes. (not sure how to knead by hand, youtube a video). Then place the dough ball into a bowl, cover and let stand for 20 mins or so.

After the 20 mins (or so, not a critical time), heat a large flat griddle or pan. Now, wait, this is where my months of failures will pay off for you.......your pan metallurgy is important: Know this Stainless Steel transfers heat much faster than cast iron. So with a stainless steel flat pan, using an infrared thermometer, shoot for 450F on the stove top.....with a cast iron griddle shoot for 550F. Yes, i am measuring the temperature of the griddle or pan as it sits on my gas stove top. I use a cast iron flat griddle. It is more forgiving than stainless.

As your pan heats up, pull of a chuck of dough that weighs 110grams. this will yield a large burrito size tortilla. Now, the fun part. Using a rolling pin rollout the 110gram ball of dough till it starts to become transparent. Yes, transparent. I can't put into words how to do this. It really takes practice. My counter is butcher block, coated. I don't use any extra flour like you would for pizza. If anything, i'll pour a teaspoon of oil on the countertop and rub some on my rolling pin. It takes practice. When you think you've got it, double check your pan temperature. Before you throw your tortilla on the pan, make sure you gallon-size plastic bag or container is open and ready. Ok....peel off your tortilla and place it on the hot pan. 1 min on the first side, flip it, 10 secs on the second side. Pull it off, with out burning yourself and place it in the gallon bag or container, lid on. Repeat....110gram dough ball.....roll it out, place it on 1 min, flip, then 10 secs, then bag.

Why the bag / container? its critical because the tortilla will dry out in minutes. You are going to completely cool the tortillas in the plastic bag or container. This will ensure that supple flexible tortilla. When done, you can place them in the fridge or freeze. They freeze well and unfreeze well.

Whole Wheat Tortilla and a Wrap!

*Note: NuSalt or NoSalt- I generally don't use these as they are very 'salty' tasting. I am trying to keep the tastebuds clear of the 'salty' flavoring. I do use them in this recipe and breads. Why? Well, I'm still trying answer that. So far I have this....1) salt does play a role in bread texture, though I can't remember how so I hoping the potassium will fill that role,2) some people need extra potassium and 3) its a small amount that doesn't impact tastebuds.

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